A laid back way of living

This summer I was lucky enough to go away to Majorca for 4 days, and then also to Ibiza for a girly break.

I’ve loved this year, and going away every couple of months for a few days.

I’ve enjoyed getting out the country; getting away from the mundane routine and stress of real life.

The trips were also very different.

We went away for a week in March and my parents came with us; it was fab so they could spend some time with monkey and also help us entertain him every day.

We then had 4 days just the 3 of us in Majorca in June, and most recently I had a girly few days away in Ibiza.

Even though I was away, I still had the habit engrained in me to work and check my emails – to make myself available should there be a problem back home in the office.

It may not be a normal holiday to those that fully switch off; for those that put their out of office on and don’t think twice about checking their emails while they are away.

To me, just being away and not doing 10 things at once is so relaxing – not worrying about washing up, not thinking about what I have to cook for dinner, or preparing for work and school the next day; that is my idea of a holiday.

So I don’t mind emailing or taking calls by the pool…as long as I have a cocktail or a smoothie in my other hand.

Being away, seeing other people’s way of living was eye opening.

In Ibiza especially, there were times we would ask for the bill when our pudding came as we knew it would be so long.

No one rushed, no one stressed, and everyone was happy, smily and carefree.

We however expected everyone to walk, talk and move as quickly as we did.

After a day or so sunbathing and watching the world go by, I did something I hadn’t done in a very long time…I finally relaxed and took a breath.

Now I’m back and in full swing of the crazy daily routines again, I can’t say I have too much time to relax and take a breath.

Especially now monkey has started school; it’s all about new routines, monkeys new stages of development (arguments, questions and naughty words) and most scarily…homework!

However, I definitely try now to take even just 5 minutes to sit and watch the world go by.

I even left work early last week to pick monkey up from school and treat him to ice cream. I felt like such a proud mum waiting for him to come out of school.

So, it’s all about balance again; being just a little bit more laid back about life and enjoying myself.

I just need to organise a girly night out with cocktails next, as I’ve found a new love of mojitos over the summer!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


One thought on “A laid back way of living

  1. It’s always so nice to take that little break away, we went away this summer as a large group and it was my LO’s first holiday abroad, he was only 5 months and it was the most stressful holiday I’ve ever been on. Constantly worrying about him, we did eventually learn to enjoy it, slightly relax and we did make some fantastic memories. I think after the first experience we will definitely be a little more laid back next time round. Lovely read and it looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂


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