What’s really behind their smile?

The more I have been open and honest about my problems and struggles again recently, the more people have approached me thanking me for talking about how I really feel.

It got me thinking – What’s really behind everyone’s smile?

More and more of us these days are going through so much, but choose to face it alone. Or worse, not face it at all.

I’m lucky to have good friends I know I can ask for help should I need it. Friends that understand a good and a bad day.

Yet sometimes, these people need help too. Even if it’s just a text saying I’m here, or a call at midnight when they are feeling sad.

When did we turn in to a society that smiles and doesn’t speak?

Bloggers have had loads of criticism about showcasing their perfect lives on instagram; their perfect tidy kitchens with the islands in the middle, their children all playing quietly before bedtime.

It’s no wonder we don’t feel like we can be honest about not having it together all the time.

That those smiles are painted on even though we are hurting or struggling inside.

Who talks about those times that you have called your child a little dickhead for asking if it’s morning at 9pm at night? (That was me by the way).

What would you say if you got asked “How’s your day?” by a colleague or friend? I can guarantee it certainly wouldn’t be “Well I’m struggling a bit to be honest today. My anxiety is quite high and I can’t wait to get home.”

We are scared of opening up and being honest; many see it as a sign of weakness and vulnerability.

Admitting how you really feel is a strength, and certainly not a weakness. Leaving yourself vulnerable can be a really positive step forward.

It helps me by being open with certain people; I’m not going to sit and announce I’m having a bad day to the car park steward, but to a close colleague that’s noticed I’m quiet? Maybe.

It helps others understand; but also, they might actually feel the same.

Because, what’s really behind their smile? No one really knows.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Mum Muddling Through

4 thoughts on “What’s really behind their smile?

  1. I’m definitely one for plastering a fake smile on my face and doing the ‘im fine’ thing when I see people. Part of that is the feeling (sometimes justified) that people are only asking out of habit when they say how are you.



  2. Why do we all do this? It is a mystery…I think it must have come from the whole British stiff upper lip except now it seems to have turned into a plastered on smile! Great post I really related to thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub x


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