Remember me… I’m back

So, nearly 5 months after my last blog post, its time to make my return.

Where have I been? Well, unfortunately I went through something I never thought I would have to deal with at the age of 28.

Working in what I thought was a grown up and corporate world, one night it all came crashing down.

I went off radar for a very long time, and didn’t know if I could ever get over what happened. To realise how cruel people can actually be; it made me evaluate all my relationships and my trust in them went from 50% to 0% in the space of an hour.

Luckily, and just recently I have got the courage to start writing again. I finally started to get my trust in people back again.

Over the past few months so much has happened that I wanted to share on my blog.

Monkey got in to a great school and starts in 2 weeks. I’ve been on a couple of family holidays and an amazing girly weekend away in Ibiza.

Whilst I was away, we even wrote me a bucket list to do before I’m 30! I have 9 months in which to complete this so I need to act quickly.

It’s been mine and monkeys birthdays this summer, works been crazy busy, I’m suffering from tonsillitis every month so I’m back and forth from the doctor.

So it looks like I’m back, older and wiser, with a lot more to talk about.

I’ve found a new interest in exercise, nutrition, hormone imbalances (one to discuss over a glass of wine) and of course, the adventures of my friends, family and I.

Make sure you keep up with the goings on with Busy Working Mummy; as one things for sure, life is never dull.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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