Our family holiday!

So we apparently went on holiday 2 weeks ago….yet it feels like it was last year.

I can’t believe where the time has gone.

My packing took place 30 minutes before I went to bed the night before we flew; therefore I forgot my sunglasses in the process.

We only got an hour delay due to the snow which could have been a lot worse. Needless to say a mother contemplating how she is about to entertain a 3 year old at an airport for a day was not a pretty sight.

Luck was on our side, that was for sure.

Holiday was lovely. We had some surprise guests arrive on our first evening (aka my parents) and we all just had a great time together.

They had suffered a 7 hour delay due to the weather but we all made it – that was the main thing.

The week went by so quickly. We still got in to our own little routines for the day – breakfast, play in the pool and park, lunch, bit more play and walk along the beach, pre dinner drinks, back to room to shower and change, out for dinner, drink in the bar then bed.

Is it just us that’s so predictable, even on holiday? The thing is, it’s nice to have a plan. Even when there doesn’t appear to be one, there is always a ‘guide’ I suppose.

Holiday made me realise, despite the predictability of a loose routine, that our lives are incredibly full on all the time.

There really is limited time to sit and relax Monday to Friday. Then at weekends with kids parties, sports lessons, chores etc, again, we do struggle.

But that’s why holidays are so important to us now as a family. They make us stop and take a breath (even if I was doing my work emails by the pool).

So we may have landed over a week ago, and hit the ground running again; but for that one week, to spend as a family, to see monkey grow and change over such a short space of time…it really is priceless.

Next holiday? Maybe Disney Land, or maybe another week somewhere warm. Wherever it may be, it doesn’t really matter.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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