Mother’s Day & Holidays

Today is Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate our mums, and being a mum.

Yet, why do we need one special day?

It’s like Valentine’s Day..why do we need one day to tell our partners that we love them?

It should be every day. I speak to my mum most days. Every day I feel lucky to be a mummy to my little monkey. Every day he makes me laugh. My heart could burst with pride at the moment for how much he is growing up and turning in to a lovely boy.

So this Mother’s Day I’ve had a cup of tea in bed, and some lovely gifts.

I am having my favourite brunch made for me when I get back from the gym. Then we are going out for afternoon tea.

I do hate being away from my mum on Mother’s Day. It would be nice to all go for lunch together and celebrate all the generations of being mums.

We are seeing each other on Wednesday night though so will have a few cocktails and dinner. I can’t wait.

It’s also now one week until our family holiday. Its coming around so quick and I haven’t even thought about it.

Monkey is so excited and he cannot wait. He gets in to bed and has a special story about the planes and the buses; the colour of suitcases and putting them on the ‘movers’ so they get put on the right plane.

Holiday is all about family time. It’s so rare with hubby and I both working full time, and with me working at the weekends at the moment too.

To spend a week with monkey also makes me a bit nervous. We don’t spend that amount of time together, ever.

I get anxious about how I will deal with public meltdowns; if I will actually know how to deal with certain situations abroad.

Yet, that’s the best thing about being a mum. You just know.

It’s called mother’s intuition – it’s certainly true. We find this fire from inside us; an energy that even if we have had 1 hours sleep and haven’t stopped all day, it gets us through.

So today I will enjoy a lovely Sunday off as a family, Mother’s Day or not.

And I will start to think about holiday next week at some point too…but not quite yet.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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