Snow, work & anxiety!

Is anyone else sick of the snow now?

We have had our weekend plans cancelled, which means I can’t go home to visit my family. I have a lovely new dress that I can no longer wear to a ball I was meant to be going to.

So we are now stuck at home. There are lots of places closed because it snowed some more last night. There is nothing to do other than bake cakes and play games. I am trying to stay away from soft play hell, that’s for sure.

Work this week has finally eased off just a little bit. It’s lucky really as my hours have been all over the place due to the weather. I’ve needed to pick up monkey from nursery before it got too icy and wanted to get us both home safe before it got dark.

Yesterday I took the day off. Hubby went off to work, and monkey to nursery.

I ended up in town shopping for a couple of hours all by myself.

The only time I get to myself is the 45 mins in the gym 3-4 times a week. This might actually sound a lot to some parents. But I’m still always doing something. I’m on the go.

It’s nice occasionally having a few hours to sit and do nothing. To watch the world go by with a skinny caramel latte through the window at Costa.

Walking around with no real destination or urgency. This never usually happens by the way. I always walk with a purpose or a destination.

I’m not good at being on my own outside the house, because my anxiety kicks in. I get nervous…dizzy almost.

Even walking in to my gym and doing weights, I can feel my heart rate rising. I worry about not getting a spot on the mats or that someone’s on the machine I want to use.

So this weekend, the plans are simple. A few gym sessions, food shopping, swimming lessons and keeping warm….and a few glasses of wine with a pizza tonight!

Enjoy your snowy weekend everyone! Wrap up warm.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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