Work, family weekends and extra calories…

So this is the second weekend I’ve had off in a row…and they have both gone so quick!

Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend came up to see us. He has just passed his driving test so is making the most of his independence.

It was great. We had such a lovely time. Having an 11 year age gap, we both grew up as only children so the gap doesn’t feel as big now we are both older.

We had a jam packed weekend of activities. Hubby and I had a date night for the first time in a year. I also even suggested lunch out for us all on the Sunday.

This stems from me trying to be more relaxed around food. To try not to stress about not knowing how many calories are in things.

So last weekend we went out for lunch, and this week I also had lunch out twice. It may sound odd to most people, as it’s just something that’s normal. For me, it was a huge achievement.

I’ve also started eating an extra 100 calories a day to try and put on a little weight. It’s scary every morning getting on the scales, but it’s for the best. Well it will be, when they do finally move in the right direction.

Friday and Saturday, my mum came up. It was lovely, as it’s been a quieter week at work so I’ve managed to take a bit of time off.

We had lunch together (out again) on Friday then yesterday too with the boys.

So there’s not been much to report recently other than life just moving along.

We are going home for the weekend soon to see my family and also to go to a ball. Then it will be time for our family holiday…and Easter!

So how have the last few weeks been for you guys? Sorry I disappeared for a bit!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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