Goodbye January, and those NY resolutions!

Well, January is finally over. I’ve not managed to blog much recently as I’ve been so busy.

I’ve been in a bubble of work, gym and then collapsing in to bed for the last few weeks…not forgetting any additional time being spent with little monkey.

Everyone knows I don’t make New Year resolutions. I don’t see the point as no one really carries them on after January.

At work, I’ve been made Chairman of Fat Club FC (their group name, not mine) as a lot of the team want to lose weight this year.

Just to clear up, I’m not trying to lose weight. I’ve spent the last year being quite healthy, so I’ve now got to the point where 9 times out of 10 I will pick up a yoghurt or some fruit versus a chocolate bar.

This is where the office have tasked me with trying to get them.

Well….goodbye January and goodbye NY resolutions. Trying to keep everyone on a healthy track is even more exhausting than looking after my 3 year old.

I feel like a dictator half the time, and also that I’m being boring.

That’s why putting so much pressure on doing so much at once never really works. It’s about all in moderation and little steps at a time.

It’s great to see so many sticking to eating healthy and I love our little group; but there are some trying to bring the rest down.

I left the office for 3 hours this week and came back to a table of doughnuts and cakes…

It has been a tough month though, so I might let some of them off.

February looks a little brighter.

I have my brother coming to stay for a weekend, so hubby and I get a date night for the first time in….18 months?!

I have a Spa Day booked which I can’t wait for. Then there are girly lunches and a few trips away with work to look forward too.

So I’m glad to say goodbye to January, and I can’t wait for the next few months.

Have you managed to stick to your NY resolution so far?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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