School Applications!

There is a whole host of things you don’t know the answers to when you have a baby.

Some you can figure out, and others require time and research.

Routine was the biggest thing for me when monkey was little. Then as he grew older, it was how many naps he needed, followed by adding food in to his diet.

More recently, it’s been potty training. Now that’s still a work in progress as he still wears a nappy in bed at the moment…but it’s on the list to change and work on.

Something that we have had to sort over Christmas as priority is school applications!

Every night over Christmas I would sit down to look through it, then quickly change my mind.

How do I even begin to try and sort schools out? I’ve found this the hardest task by far when it comes to little monkey.

Harder than dealing with poo in the bath, harder than scooping up sick in the bed and harder than having to listen to him crying it out at night.

The task almost felt impossible. We nearly sent him to an independent school to ensure he was going to get the best education.

So 3 months later, and extensive research complete, this week I sent off the application.

Unfortunately mine and hubby’s circumstances do not lend themselves to making it easy in the first place.

The schools we chose had to have good breakfast and after school clubs as we both work full time. I don’t want that to change so it had to be a huge part of the process and research.

We have no family around, so no one to call on to drop him off at 9am or pick him up at 3.30pm.

Also we do not want him to go to our catchment school. We may be one of the only families that don’t, which is why it’s been even more difficult.

So we have chosen what we hope are 4 lovely schools…and now we wait.

We wait 3 months to get the email to find out what school monkey will be sent too.

Then…my toddler has officially gone. I will have a little boy who will be going to school.

This will then come with new challenges, but for now? Well for now I’m enjoying everything staying as it is…and plan to make the most of the last few months; before the routines have to change all over again.

What’s been your hardest challenge so far with having a little one?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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