A Family Christmas

This year was a special family Christmas. We were all together and my family came up to celebrate as well.

It’s been an incredibly busy 4 days but we have all loved every minute of it.

My family came up on Saturday while I was working, then I got home for pizza and prosecco.

Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year; it always has been. Mum and I went to the gym, we pottered around, went for coffee and then played adventure golf in the afternoon.

Christmas Day finally arrived and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Of course the presents were all opened before 8am!

Monkey has been so excited and full of energy that it’s definitely taken it’s toll on us all. My family travelled home yesterday morning, and I was asleep on the sofa all afternoon then still fell asleep before 10pm.

The horrible thing about living so far away from family this time of year is having to plan every visit and activity.

We can’t just pop in for a coffee or meet at a park for a walk or at soft play for an hour.

It’s either days altogether or nothing.

So for the rest of the Christmas holidays it’s just Mummy, Daddy and Monkey.

I have to work Friday and then New Years Day but there’s still 3 days worth of activities to try and find.

Now monkey is at that age where he wants to do things all the time. He hardly naps and we can’t just stay in all day and watch films – he would tear the house apart.

It’s been a lovely few days over Christmas…now let’s see what we can do just the 3 of us in this odd period between Christmas and New Year.

What’s your plans for the rest of the festive season?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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