Where’s the time gone?

I cannot believe that it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog post….where’s the time gone?

Last week I dealt with a very very poorly boy. I had never been so worried about him and it broke my heart.

Then my first weekend off in 4 weeks, I spent travelling around the South West meeting my new baby nephew and celebrating my dads birthday.

This week? Well who knows what I have been up to. You would think things quieten down before Christmas but they don’t.

So I’m currently sat on the sofa, (wine in hand) in my pjs, (shock) thinking where the time has gone?!

We had monkeys nativity this week at nursery. I took Tuesday off to see the performance, to wrap presents and finally put the tree up.

After 27 years, I think I may be starting to turn a corner and embrace the festive season. I even listen to Heart Extra Christmas radio on my way in to work in the mornings.

His performance was the cutest. I even got something in my eye that made it water for a few seconds.

Every morning monkey wakes up and wants to come downstairs. He firstly wants his advent chocolate; then he checks if Santa has been to put presents under the tree.

Okay so he doesn’t fully understand yet, but he is almost there. He is still excited and I know that on Christmas Eve, it will be so special for him when we tell him Santa’s coming round.

Tomorrow we have 2 birthday parties to attend, then it’s the week of Christmas.

One week of work before everything we have worked towards for the past 2 months gets opened and/or thrown away, played with, eaten etc.

So this week il be embracing Christmas – trying to wind down as much as I can with how busy our work schedule is.

I’ve got wine and prosecco chilling and chocolate in the cupboard. The turkeys been ordered and my family are coming to celebrate with us.

What more could this Busy Working Mummy possibly want at Christmas?

So how are you all getting on? Are you ready for Christmas or is it creeping up a bit too quick this year?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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