When doing nothing is enough…

Today I find myself at home with monkey for the afternoon.

We have all been up since midnight as he has been sick all night. A couple of weeks ago he had a chesty cough and a day off nursery. Today? Today is 10 times worse!

Seeing him and being there for him while he is sick half an hour after drinking anything breaks my heart.

I’ve sat for 3 hours on my bed this afternoon just watching him doze and rest. Worried sick about him getting better; wanting him to wake up and run around causing mess and destruction again.

Hubby and I have re arranged our diaries again so he did the morning shift and I have this afternoon.

I’ve actually sat still for longer than I have done in weeks. I’ve caught up on the soaps, and all my reality tv programmes from the week.

Now…I’m rattling round the house while monkey sleeps in our bed.

I’m scared to put a wash on yet as I keep thinking he might be sick again. So I wait.

We wait until he is tucked up in bed. Until we have tried to wash him quickly in the bath and get him in fresh pyjamas.

He won’t eat. He is barely drinking. I’ve been on the phone to the doctors trying to ask about what to do. The answer is nothing.

Doing nothing is enough. Being there for cuddles and to stroke his hair while he sleeps. To let him know that I am there for him, whatever he needs.

So tomorrow I already have a day off booked. I don’t want to let him go just yet. He needs to get better.

It’s tough when our families are so far away. It falls on hubby and I to juggle work and commitments.

We have to be a strong family unit to get through the tough times. It’s difficult when we are so tired from lack of sleep.

So tonight, we hope to put monkey to bed early and tuck him up for the night. To get some sleep while we can but be on watch to check he doesn’t get worse through the night.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Have you had any terrifying moments with your poorly little ones?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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