Christmas – When is it acceptable?

This week I heard a Christmas song on the radio for the first time this year – it was the 16th November at the time.

That’s 5 weeks away from Christmas. When I say it like that it doesn’t actually seem that long away, but it isn’t December yet.

As soon as Halloween and Bonfire night end, the shops get stocked with everything that is Christmas.

Us parents get sent in to panic mode with lists from the children about more plastic toys that they want, and that cost a fortune.

These toys will just sit in their toy boxes for another year. That is until we find time to have a spring clean and get rid of toys from 2016 to make some more room.

An element of me has had to be organised this year. I have had a couple of days off in November where I have bought a lot of presents as I know how busy December is at work.

But decorating and bringing out the Christmas albums??? Surely not until the first few weeks of December.

Maybe we will do it a bit earlier than normal this year… (so not the 23rd December) as monkey really understands about Santa for the first time.

I want to make it exciting and special for him. So, for monkey more than anyone, I am going to try and embrace Christmas and get festive.

I’m going to buy the list of noisy, plastic toys with 50 different types of batteries required; the hot wheels garage with 100 small cars that need to carry the same warning as stepping on a piece of Lego late at night does.

I’m going to buy big tubs of celebrations and roses and drink 1.5l bottles of prosecco at a time. (Thank you Morrison’s)

So when will you put your Christmas songs on this year?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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