When being a working parent is tough..

I love being a full time working mum – I get the best of both worlds, working and building a career and spending my days off with my little monkey.

I know I’ve commented on how busy I’ve been at work recently. That’s a reason why I perhaps don’t love it all the time.

Here’s another…

Yesterday I received the phone call. The phone call from nursery saying that monkey had a temperature and wasn’t himself.

My first thought was ‘ what am I going to do about work’ and the second…. ‘I hope he is okay.’

They gave him a dose of calpol to try and bring his temperature down a little. I promised myself I would try and leave early to get him but I failed.

They then called again to check I had left at 5pm – I had…just.

Hubby and I spent last night in panic thinking about work and who could do what hours.

The other issue we had to consider is that we have no family around us to ask to have him while he is poorly.

No one else to rely on.

So today he woke up and it was obvious he was really poorly. I worked the morning, hubby stayed home with him, and then dropped him to my work at lunch so I could leave and take him home again.

Luckily I could work from home on the laptop and actually managed to get a good job done this afternoon.

And monkey? He’s eaten a white chocolate polar bear, had a warm bath and laid on the sofa watching Monster Trucks and Frozen.

We are praying he has a good night sleep tonight and that he can recover enough to go to nursery.

Today, getting the balance was hard. Sometimes that’s what happens and we have to deal with it.

Tomorrow? Who knows. We will deal with it when we wake up.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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