Motivation & keeping it together 

This morning I’m laid in bed. I got home at about midnight last night and decided to take a few hours off today. 

I’m off to Pilates shortly, and i have already been up to make my salad and chop my fruit etc for my lunch at work later. 

I have been asked a few times how I keep motivated and get everything done. Sometimes I ask myself the same question. 

The truth is…the moment I stop, it all comes crumbling down. The trick is not to stop. 

To get up at 6am, get everything done, to go to work, and then get home and carry on. 

My hour on the sofa every night is enough for me at the moment. 

I love the gym, and I love making my overnight oats and my salads for lunch. It may take more time but I like taking care of myself and eating well. 

It gives me more energy which ultimately keeps me going through the day. That’s what motivates me. 

To make sure I have more energy to look after my little monkey. Sometimes to put yourself first has to be the priority.

It is difficult working full time and then trying to fit the gym in. I’m lucky hubby will take monkey to nursery so I can go at 6am, or will do dinner if I go to a class in the evening. 

I also take things week by week now. We look at what days I’m working early and late, what days I want to go to the gym and at the moment, what family day we are gong to have. 

This weekend the in laws are coming up to have monkey, and we get 2 days away child free. 

Being honest, that is going to be difficult. I spend little time with monkey as it is at the moment, but 2 days without him…I’m nervous.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to get away and have some grown up time. To eat food without inhaling it quickly. To drink wine, watch the world go by and not rush. 

So motivation is found in different ways. I have found mine, I just have to keep it going. 

What motivates you and keeps you going? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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