World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. It’s a day for people who suffer, and have suffered with mental health problems to speak out about their experiences; to share with those not comfortable speaking out yet. 

Looking after your mental health is more important than eating healthy and keeping fit. 

It affects people in so many different ways. 

I’ve suffered with it all. I’ve had numerous counselling sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, some mindfulness and meditation tasks. I’m about to embark on life coach sessions soon which again I hope will help me move further forward still. 

There was a point in my life that I couldn’t leave the house. I was scared of being bullied, I was too low to even pick my head up off the pillow. 

But I got through it. There is no ‘cure’ for mental health. It is something you learn to live with. 

I have learnt what may trigger off my anxiety that I have since developed, and my issues with eating certain foods. I have coping mechanisms like going to the gym or going for a walk. 

Sometimes il go and sit somewhere quiet for 5 minutes and just take a few breaths. 

Living with mental health problems is also difficult for those that love us. I push everyone away and keep things inside. Talking about feelings isn’t easy. 

I’m learning to listen to myself though. To listen to what I need and what’s good for my family. 

This week for me has been tougher than normal. I’ve been more emotional and tired, those butterflies flying around my tummy the wrong way. But instead of dwelling on it and making myself feel worse, I’ve put it down to it being one of those weeks.  

I’ve learnt to take a day at a time and to focus on one task. To break the days down in to manageable blocks. 

So please know that no one has to suffer alone. Everyone has their own way of coping and you have to do what is right for you as an individual.

Do what you need to do; the rest will fall in to place, step by step..

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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