Post Holiday Blues 

So I’ve still got post holiday blues! I’ve been back just over a week and I have found it so difficult to get back to the swing of the routine and normal every day activities. 

I loved every part of my holiday…apart from monkey only wanting his daddy! That was far from ideal. 

We went with my parents and it was so nice for us to all spend some time together. 

Staying in an all inclusive family resort, it was perfect that we had everything we could want in a small space.

We had restaurants, entertainment, kids clubs, swimming pools, a beach….and alcohol! 

Now monkey didn’t want to go to kids club at all. That was the only frustrating part trying to get him to go and then having to take him out 5 minutes later. 

He did have hand, foot and mouth for the first few days of the holiday. I probably didn’t quite appreciate how poorly he was and put it down to him being a terrible three-nager. 

Once he got better and we got in to our own holiday routine it all settled down. 

We would have dinner in the evening, put him to bed and then mum and dad would come up to our room and we would sit on the balcony drinking wine and playing cards. 

The days consisted of my parents taking monkey off for an hour in the morning to the water park – then lots of playing in the pools or going to the beach and exploring. 

We just all had the best time. 

With monkey now getting to the stage of being clever and playing daddy and I off against each other, that was the one thing that we found tough. 

I was always the bad cop; daddy got all the cuddles and played the good cop. 

It did cause conflict but that’s life. We spend very little time together these days as a family so we are still learning and developing our parenting and communication skills. 

Coming home I am now trying to make sure I get my priorities in order. I’m trying to make sure I don’t over do my hours at work. Then when I am home, I spend time with monkey and not start to clean or cook and potter round the house. 

So holiday overall was fab and I cannot wait for the next one! It made me realise how important these early years are for monkey and I don’t want to waste another minute. 

How did you find your family holiday? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


One thought on “Post Holiday Blues 

  1. This year we spend holidays in my parents rural house, because we are too young (just 6 month) for a beach. So we have a river and a forest within walking distance as well as fruits and berries in the garden. That was pretty calm and relaxing time. But I hope that next year we could go to the sea!
    P.S. Love your hair color!

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