Being manipulated by a 3 yr old 

“Mummy told me….” is monkeys favourite saying! 

He says this when I tell him off. He runs to daddy crying, saying “mummy told me.”

Daddy is his number 1 at the moment. I’m the one that disciplines him 99% of the time, as I am the one that does lose my patience a little faster. 

He is the only thing we genuinely argue about. I’m not ashamed to say that we haven’t got it quite figured out yet. 

Having a full on three-nager is tough. He is learning so much and taking everything in. 

He is also a master at manipulating us. If I say no, he runs to daddy to ask instead. We have to be switched on now and keep communicating. 

Having a little boy is tough. Seeing he has his own mind, and that he knows right from wrong – maybe not all the time, but he knows when he is naughty and what he can get away with. 

I’ve learnt there is no right or wrong answer. That every situation is different and needs to be dealt with accordingly. 

We just have to stay united as a family unit to get through the tough and testing times. 

There will be good days and bad days. But why is it the mum that always does the majority of the boring and nagging bits? The one that says no! 

Why does the dad get labelled the fun one? 

So we continue our new journey of discipline and learning the art of manipulation from a 3 year old…. 

What part of the parenting journey are you currently on? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


7 thoughts on “Being manipulated by a 3 yr old 

  1. In the same boat with my 2.5 year old who already knows very well what she can/cannot get away with while Baba is home. She is definitely a daddy’s girl. And I’m definitely the villain in the family. Lol. #twinklytuesday

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  2. Gosh I remember when Zach turned 3. That’s just when everything changes. Then we hit 4 and it continued. Now he is 5, well, good grief it got hard! Especially now he has at school – I am finding little bits that he is learning that I have to try and combat! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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