Work, routine & holidays 

So this time tomorrow we will be on holiday. In 12 hours time we will be in the airport… 

This week I will admit I took a step back from parenting. Daddy took a step forward and I focused on work. 

I’ve hardy slept for 5 days, and I’m running on empty…but it doesn’t matter because tomorrow we are off on holiday. 

The stress and hard work put in will ensure that I can relax and not think about work as much whilst I am away. 

It’s been so difficult this week as monkey has only wanted his daddy. I no longer feature in monkeys brain as an integral part of playing games or doing the bedtime routine. 

But that’s okay; because I can be Mummy full time for one whole week! 

I started packing at 5am this morning and I have piles all over the house of different bits. I’ve written lists and then lists about looking at the lists. 

So here we are – Friday evening. I’ve poured a glass of wine and lit a candle. 

I need to put the piles together into the cases and start checking everything off. 

Instead, I’m sitting writing about what I need to do and watching the soaps. 

It’s been nearly 3 years since our last family holiday. I’m apprehensive about this and don’t know how monkey is going to be. 

But I’m going in open minded. It’s the only way to be and I’m slowly learning to take things a day at a time and never look too far ahead. 

Something I am actually getting better at recently. I think it’s down to priorities and learning I cannot be in control of everything all the time. 

So guys this is it…I’m off for one whole week. Yes il check my work emails, yes il still be flicking through social media but I will be with my family in the sun. 

See you all on the other side! 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


One thought on “Work, routine & holidays 

  1. Have a Fabulous holiday Kirsty! none of us are in control the whole of the time, even if we think we are there will always be the boat rocking moments. Go for the day at a time approach and enjoy all of the what ever moments xx 💏 Xx Best Wishes Pam X

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