Having it all – A tale of a full time working mum 

There’s so much bad publicity about working mum’s these days and families trying to ‘have it all.’ 

It depends what ‘have it all’ means. 

For one family it might mean that the Mum doesn’t work and she can raise the family and look after the home. For another, it might mean that Mum works part time, juggles parenting and also time for herself. 

For me…what does having it all mean? 

I’m not sure yet! 

I’m a full time working mum. I won’t butter it up. It is bloody hard work. 

It is hard to build a career and have to leave dead on 5pm most days to get to nursery on time. 

But I am slowly getting there and showing people that it can be done. 

I get asked a lot what my days look like, or how I fit everything in. So here goes: 

I wake up at about 6am most days, and get ready for work. Monkey gets up about 6.30am and we get him ready for nursery. 

We then leave the house at about 7am, drop him to nursery at 7.30am and then I head in to work for 8am. 

I spend a whole day at work and usually finish at 5pm when I can. If I can’t or if I have too much on, an SOS call is made to hubby to ask if he can leave early instead. 

If he can, he will. But again, he has a successful career to so it’s difficult when we both have a lot on. 

So off I run to pick monkey up, and we get home for about 6pm. 

Depending on the day of the week, if it’s a normal day, il be at home for the evening. So I will carry on with bath and bed time, and daddy gets in to help out at about 6.30pm. 

This gives me time to get dinner prepped, put the washing on, have a shower and wash my hair…the usual bits and pieces. 

Bed time for monkey is 7pm, dinner is 7.15-7.30om ish for us and then there is the washing up, prepping lunches for work for the next day and finally bed for 9pm! 

Then there’s the nights or the early mornings I go to the gym. Hubby drops monkey off to nursery or puts him to bed and starts dinner so I can get out to a class for an hour.  

Weekends? Well they are for cleaning, shopping, a couple more gym sessions…as well as swimming lessons, birthday parties and play dates. 

So there you go, a schedule of a full time working parent. It’s tough. 

Sometimes I think could I work part time? Is that what having it all means to me? Juggling working and being at home a bit more, not having just 2 days a week to get everything done. 

But then it came to me writing this. I do feel like I have got it all. I have balance. 

Sometimes the scales might tip more to work one week than parenting; Daddy then takes on more of that role so I can focus on work. 

Having it all to me means finding a balance. One way or another, even if work is a higher priority one week, the balance is always there. That to me is all that matters. 

So what does having it all mean to you? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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