Potty Training Day 2 

Potty Training Day 2 started with monkey kicking off as he didn’t want big boy pants on today. 

After convincing him that it was a great idea (and bribing him with breakfast on the sofa in front of the TV), pants went on at 7.30am. 

The first accident happened 15 minutes later….today was going to be a long day. 

I got tag teamed in while Daddy went for a run, then we swapped so I could go to the gym for an hour. 

It seemed even monkey was getting fed up with being asked if he needed a wee every 2 minutes. 

The answer ‘I don’t need a wee yet’ got shortened to ‘not yet’ after an hour, then was followed by a glare. 

I should mention that as well as potty training, this weekend monkey has dropped his lunch time nap. That glorious hour that keeps every Mum going…gone, in a blink of an eye. No watching rubbish tv with a cuppa at lunchtime anymore! 

We went swimming to get us out the house, but put pull up pants on for the car journey just in case. 

The terrifying moment came when in the pool we were told ‘I need a poo Daddy’. We never moved so fast. 

Needless to say, he didn’t need a poo. 

But…later this afternoon we had a breakthrough. Daddy was outside and I was upstairs when monkey came to tell me about a poo in the potty. 

He had done a poo on his own in the potty! If someone told me years ago how excited you could get over a toddlers poo I would have laughed out loud. But after screams and cheers, high fives and then sweets and chocolate, I decided the last 48 hours had been worth it. 

Tonight before bed he took himself to the potty and then asked for a wee before bed. 

He’s still in a nappy tonight but I don’t think he will be for much longer. 

So the day started in fear and ended in celebration. Now for day 3…come on please be a good one! 

Happy Bank Holiday Sunday everyone! 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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