Potty Training Day 1 

So this morning I woke up feeling hungover. I hadn’t been out…I had worked 14 hours on Friday and on about 5 hours sleep thanks to monkey. 

I also woke up thinking today is the day..Potty Training Day 1! 

So off we went to Tesco to get another potty and some big boy pants in the morning. 

I also made a questionable reward chart with a piece of A4 paper and some stickers in the cupboard. 

In total today, we have been through 4 pairs of big boy pants, had 5 successful wees but did have a poo in his pants. 

I was also incredibly clever and left daddy in charge for a good 4 hours while I enjoyed a lovely girly gossip, shopping and lunch out. 

I received about 7 text messages with updates on wees and poos and photos of wet pants while I was out. 

How bank holidays have changed. They used to mean lie ins and brunches out, or a morning at the gym before a late lunch. 

Now they mean early mornings being jumped on by a toddler, smacked in the face by the iPad, and now…dealing with potty training. 

So was Day 1 a success? I would say it was. 

He has gone to bed in his nappy tonight. He has tried for a wee but knows he will be changed and in pants in the morning when he wakes up. 

So Day 2…what is in store for us? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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