Priorities have to change sometimes. 

Over the last few weeks my priorities changed slightly. 

Before, work and life were relatively comfortable. Everything had an order and I knew where my priorities had to be. 

Last week my priorities had to shift and I had to put work before everything else. I know it won’t happen very often but I had to take a step back. I had to let monkey be looked after more by his daddy. 

Does it make me a bad mum that I can admit to not being capable of putting monkey first? That he was not my first priority. 

That’s the problem trying to work your way up the career ladder and having a toddler to look after. 

Things have to change sometimes. 

Obviously if monkey really needed me I would be there. 

It is difficult working with a group of others that don’t have children. They don’t have that additional responsibility. 

I get in work early and try and make sure I leave early when possible. 

Sometimes I miss out on tea at the pub or a glass of wine after work because I’m not always there until 6, 7pm at night. 

So last week I’m not ashamed to say that I had to put work first. I was lucky that hubby has the ability to change his work patterns to enable me to do that or I would never be able to do as much as I do. 

Priorities can’t stay the same all the time, whether you are a parent or not. 

It doesn’t make you selfish or a horrible person. It just means you are human. 

Everyone tries to do what they feel is right, and that’s exactly what I spend my time doing. 

Juggling a career and parenthood is one of the toughest challenges to face. 

Of course I won’t get it right all the time. 

So now the craziness has calmed down and its monkeys birthday weekend. My priority is making sure he has the best birthday and not think about work just for a couple of days. 

Have a good weekend everyone. Have you ever had to shift your priorities to enable you to be successful in other things? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


One thought on “Priorities have to change sometimes. 

  1. There’s nothing wrong with putting your work first once in a while. You aren’t abandoning your son, you’re making life better for you and your family. You’re a mother AND a human. Your wants and needs don’t all disappear the second you become a mum, they’re just put on the back burner until we’re ready for them again! Good on you 🙂 x

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