5 reasons you know you are a mum on a night out..

I would say I was a relatively young mum. I am 28 and have a 3 year old. 

At my work there are a lot of younger adults like me that work there. Yet I always feel older compared to them. 

Maybe because I have a little monkey to look after and be responsible for and they are still care free and ‘young.’ 

They can stay late after work and pop to the pub for a pint, whereas I’m trying to run out the door at 5pm to get to nursery on time. 

Well, tonight we are out out. As in a private area in nice bar with some food and all alcohol is free. 

Now over the last week I have been getting super excited about this night out. So here’s 5 reasons why tonight everyone will know I’m a mum…. 

  1. I am super excited. The fact that I am excited to be able to drink and not have to worry too much about the little monkey, knowing he is safe at home. Getting a little lie in in the morning and not having to combat a toddler 6am wake up call while I am battling a headache is something to be excited about.
  2. I’ve bought a new dress. I will more than likely be the most dressed up person at the party because I rarely get to dress up and go out so want to make the most of it. 
  3. I will get drunk the quickest and then regret it even quicker. Not going out a lot means my tolerance levels with alcohol are low..probably meaning bed by 11pm! 
  4. Il say il be the last woman standing because I can, but will actually be in bed by midnight. No one else had to get up at 6am this morning!! 
  5. Il be checking my phone for updates on how monkey is. Then end up sharing photos of him around a table of colleagues that really don’t want to see my 3 year old; getting emotional due to a few too many glasses of wine. 

So il be off to work today and looking forward to letting my hair down tonight. 

But let’s see how I get on tomorrow…. 

Can anyone else relate to going out mum style? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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