Time to look at schools!! 

The last few weeks I have done some research on schools for the monkey. 

Unfortunately this is an incredibly difficult task when we have to take into account that school is 9am – 3.30pm. 

It isn’t as simple as looking at a school. We have to consider breakfast and after school clubs, holiday clubs, and child minders. 

I knew it would be difficult but it has caused a few sleepless nights. 

Can I still be a full time working mum and have a child at school? How do others do it? 

Unfortunately for us, we have no family that could nip to pick the monkey up from school at 3.30pm. That’s why it’s so difficult looking at the logistics of additional care. 

After the third viewing of a school we have finally found what is the perfect place for him. It is attached to a nursery that does breakfast, after school club and holiday camps.

It breaks my heart knowing I won’t be there at the school gates like a lot of other mums will be. 

It hurts that little bit more knowing that he will be walking down to the nursery to have tea because mummy has to work.

I’m hoping that I can make something work so that I can leave the office early one day a week. I want to be there to see his little face walk out of school. 

We are hoping he can start pre prep after Christmas. 

He has spent 3 years at his nursery. It feels like the right time to move on and start a new journey in his development. 

So I think we have finally made the decision and just need to finalise the details. 

I just never thought we had to consider so many obstacles when looking for schools. It really isn’t as easy as just choosing what is classed as a good’s what else goes with it. 

Did you have other things to consider when looking for a school for your little one? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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