When no routine is the new routine… 

I used to be so good at writing my blogs 3 times a week. 

Then life got in the way; my little monkey growing up, new jobs and responsibilities, and just a change in everything. 

Now if I can write two times a week that’s a good week for me. 

I love writing. It’s such a huge release for me to write about what’s going on. Yet, I am so tired in the evenings from getting through my days that I find it difficult to concentrate on writing down what’s been going on. 

Then theres coming up with new ideas for blog posts. This is difficult when you run on empty 90% of the time. 

I was trying to get in to a new routine. But then I realised…having no routine is our new routine – within reason of course. 

Our weekends used to consist of the usual swimming lessons, food shops, coffees and occasional trips to the park.

Now we are booked up until the end of September. Family visits, work schedules, play dates, parties and seeing friends. 

I go to the gym some mornings before work, sometimes I work late. There is no routine or set weeks for us anymore. 

For someone that suffers from anxiety this can be scary, and it has its ups and downs. 

But I’m learning to take every day as it comes and only think a day or two ahead. 

So I hope to still continue to blog two days a week. At least until I find my feet and get comfortable with the new routine of going with the flow. 

How do you handle change of routine? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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