Good Cop v Bad Cop 

I am officially the ‘Bad Cop’ when it comes to disciplining little monkey. 

As soon as he sees Daddy after just being told off he turns in to a daddy’s boy. He doesn’t want to speak to me. 

Going through the terrible twos and a soon to be threenager there have been lots of…moments, shall we say. 

It does take its toll and I do take it to heart at the moment. It’s all new. 

But somehow we have to work on the same parenting style. We have to work together and follow the same ways, otherwise monkey will get wise and start playing us off against each other. 

He knows daddy will be nicer and negotiate about something more than I will. 

Tone of voice is also a way of expressing when he has been naughty. Monkey knows if we are discussing his behaviour or if I am unhappy. 

I hate having to be so harsh and blunt with him some times. It does break my heart and I feel horrible. 

Especially when I am teaching him right from wrong and he runs to daddy after being told off.  

Having never brought up a child before, it’s a learning curve and we have to evolve with each day. It’s about working together and finding the best solution. 

So we are still trying to learn and take it day by day with the best way of dealing with different situations at the moment. 

But one thing we do know…we have to work together, and not against each other. Monkey is far too smart and outwits us both at the best of times. 

I got upset the other day as I said no to something and he wouldn’t speak to me. He kept saying he wants his daddy. 

But when you also have mornings like this week where he woke up at 5am and I told him to lie back down and wait for his clock to wake up at 6.40am (we have one of those gro clocks that lights up at a set time), and he did, my heart bursts with pride and love. 

Seeing his little face burst through the door in the morning, excited that his clock told him he could get out of bed. 

It makes the tough times all worth while. 

So we will keep going on the tough journey of parenting, taking each day as it comes. 

How have you coped evolving with your little ones behaviour and need to discipline? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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