Everything at once…

So this weekend we had everything at once. 

Monkey had been squeezing himself into his tiny nappy for swimming for the past few months. He hates change so he has been refusing to put on a pair of swimming shorts like a big boy. 

This weekend we decided to make him wear them. He put them on fine…but the minute he got in the pool, all hell broke loose. 

The screaming and crying went on for 20 minutes of the 30 minute lesson. I felt so sorry for the other children in the class and kept apologising. 

The teacher was amazing and said to not cave in and just keep going. So right at the end of the lesson he just jumped in and started swimming, like everything was normal. 

Okay…so one big boy thing ticked off the list. 

Second was big boy pants. He announced he wanted to wee on the toilet and get big boy pants. Off we went to buy some pull up pants to try and start integrating potty training. 

We won’t give this our full attention until he settles in with his other big boy changes though. Again, we want to follow his lead and not push him. 

Lastly this weekend was his big boy bed. We have been lucky that monkey hasn’t tried to jump out of his cot sooner as I am aware that he was in his cot a lot longer than he should have been.

All of these things should have been done sooner, but we have just let him do things when he has been ready. Rather than pushing him too soon and causing us all too much stress we have done things when monkey showed signs of being interested and understanding what we were talking about. 

So Sunday we took the sides off his cot and he got in his big boy bed. 

After an hour and 2 trips up the stairs he finally settled for the evening. We then had 2 additional trips in the middle of the night when he fell out of bed. 

I think I will take that as a success. 

So Monday night he has gone down perfectly. Laid there for a bit tossing and turning and talking to teddies. 

My heart could burst with pride and love for this little monkey. 

I’m so glad I didn’t push him sooner and only did things when we were ready as a family. 

Everyone is different. It just so happens monkey decided this weekend was the weekend he wanted to grow up. 

Have you had a lot of change recently or are you preparing for a milestone? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


2 thoughts on “Everything at once…

  1. I really noticed with the twins more so than with the older girls the difference in my hubs and I just letting them guide us in development as opposed to us pushing them or anxious over their milestones.


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  2. This is a lovely, sometimes you just have to be led by the child and don’t rush them. Love the smiley photo at the end! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst this weeks linky is open if you fancy linking up!

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