Affection..and National Kissing Day

I read an article earlier and didn’t realise that it had been National Kissing Day this week. 

It got me thinking…after nearly 6 years being married and another 3 years being together I rarely kiss my husband. 

Life is so busy. It honestly is. 

Mornings I’m up and getting ready before hubby is so no kiss good morning. We carry on the usual routine getting ourselves up and doing our lunches. 

We do kiss good bye when we both leave for work. 

Then when he gets in from work I am usually battling a naked toddler running round the house. Trying to persuade him to get in the bath or get him changed for bed. 

By the time monkey is in bed we are getting dinner cooked, then it’s the clear down, prep for the next day’s breakfast and lunches and flake out on the sofa before bed. 

I’m usually asleep before hubby and will just fall asleep watching tv tucked up in bed. 

So that’s it… 1-2 times a day if that I will kiss my husband. 

I’m not sure if that’s a good effort or bad. Is there anyone that doesn’t kiss their partner at all each day? 

I will put my hands up and say I am not the most affectionate person anyway. 

But life definitely does have a habit of taking over and getting in the way. When you both work full time and have a toddler to look after, meals to cook and a house to keep clean and tidy it takes its toll. 

So I think i will take a kiss 1-2 times a day to be honest. It’s better than nothing! 

Do you struggle with affection and fitting in time to kiss your partner good morning or night? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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