Our Fathers Day weekend

So it’s Monday night and it’s still about 26 degrees outside. I have spent the day cleaning the house, doing the food shop and  the washing and just pottering around. 

I am also bloody knackered. 

We had the most amazing family weekend. You can always tell when you have a good couple of days as they go so much quicker than normal days off. 

With an early morning start on Friday we made our way to the South West for 8am. We had a relaxed day, went to the park and had a BBQ. 

It didn’t entirely go to plan when the gas ran out when we started cooking the meat. But off hubby and my brother went to buy some more. 

Saturday was party day! With tons of chores to do, and 4 hours sleep thanks to monkey waking up at 4.50am it was a massive struggle to get to nap time. 

I even took myself off to bed when monkey had an hours nap over lunch. 

I had organised a surprise for Mum for her 50th and a professional photographer turned up when we were all ready to go out in the evening. We had some lovely family photos taken and cannot wait to see the results. 

Monkey went to bed quite quickly and then off we went to the party. 

It was so nice to see everyone in the family and lovely to catch up. 

Sunday was hangover day and Fathers Day. I haven’t seen my dad on Father’s Day since I left the south west 8 years ago. 

So we went out for brunch, and then to the park to feed the ducks and have an ice cream. It was also about 30 degrees and just uncomfortably hot. 

We did bath and bedtime then popped monkey in the car to drive home. Unfortunately it was still too hot and we got stuck in major traffic on the motorway. 

If things couldn’t get any worse we then couldn’t get monkey to settle down when we got home. It was the hottest house on earth and we ended up sharing our bed with him until 3.30am and watched the lion king. 

Weekends away without children seem so much simpler sometimes. Yet they are what make the memories even more special. 

So Sunday night and Monday morning were a challenge. Yes I spent the weekend surviving on an average 4 hours sleep a night. Yes I did lose my shit a couple of times. 

But it was all worth it! Now to plan the next family weekend… 

What did you all get up to for Fathers Day weekend  in the heat? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 



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