Why a few days off makes all the difference… 

I am sure a lot of you will agree that when you are tired, you get slightly…irrational, moody and just irritable for no reason. 

I am queen of irrational when I am over tired. 

My ability to have a normal conversation with hubby is 0%. There have been evening or weekend afternoons where it was easier not to talk to me in fear of having an argument. 

I can deal with feeling tired in the morning for a few hours, it’s the afternoons that hit me the hardest. 

Some of you might find it’s easier the other way around. Everyone deals with tiredness in different ways. 

Over the past few weeks I have felt it more, especially at weekends. But it is slowly getting easier. 

We haven’t had a break as a family for quite a few months. Next weekend we are taking a long weekend and are going to help my mum celebrate her 50th birthday with family and friends. 

I honestly cannot wait. It will be lovely to see family, but to also spend some non-irrational time with hubby. 

Leading such busy lives can be incredibly tough and it’s so difficult to remember to put relationships first sometimes. 

Our little monkey always comes first, no matter how tired I am. I hate that sometimes il snap at him for something so little as none of it is his fault. 

So as I’m writing this, I’m laid in bed with a very large cup of tea feeling tired already and it’s only 7am in the morning. I know it will be a long day. 

Looking at the positive side, we have a short working week, with a 4 day weekend coming up. 

I get to spend quality time with my hubby and little monkey; to see my parents and other members of my family and then my friends. 

Yes life is tough. Working full time will always mean that tiredness is a standard feeling that you learn to get used to when also having a small child. 

Okay, so tiredness is a standard feeling when you just have a small child…you don’t even have to work full time but you know what I mean. 

So we as a family are learning to find a balance of work and enjoying life. 

We have some places we want to visit and plans we want to make once our calendars allow us too.

For now…I am so excited about next weekend and having a little break away from routine and reality. 

It’s only 4 days, but every little bit of time really does make all the difference.

Do you make time to find a balance between work and enjoying life? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 



2 thoughts on “Why a few days off makes all the difference… 

  1. I know how you feel working full time with a little one is so intense- I recently stopped working Fridays 2 weeks ago and it has made so much difference before I go on mat leave again, actually feel like I get a weekend – enjoy your four day one – hope you get to relax

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