The stigma of women in business 

So having changed my job roles recently and experienced 3 different types of businesses and how they operate, I have experienced different stigmas around women in business. 

It tipified it for me this week when I even got described as “the young one” rather than, the Sales Manager. 

Working in the sports industry, the stigma regarding women in business is an incredibly large one. 

It’s perceived as being a very male dominated business, which is now becoming incredibly untrue as more women are becoming successful and ambitious.

 I went to a networking event last week and walked in to the room. Now I’m not a fan of these things as they massively increase my anxiety but they have to be done. 

Met by a lot of men and just a handful of women, it did really make me think about the stigma around women in business. 

There is a lot of talk about gender equality but ultimately women in senior roles are still a rareity – especially mothers…and “young ones” at that. 

Women are actually one of the worst culprits. We are quick to judge and look disapprovingly at someone new rather than embracing nd welcoming them. 

People want to see others fail rather than be a success. That’s society and it’s a really sad place to be. 

A phrase stuck with me a few weeks ago…’it’s better to be hated and talked about, than not talked about at all’ – when it comes to business and work of course. 

Unfortunately that’s correct. There are decisions that have to be made that don’t make you very popular. Mainly due to the decision, but also because that decision is coming from a young women. 

So the last few weeks have been a steap learning curve for me. Excited for the future, I will continue to fight for “young women (and mothers) in business” and show that we can have it all if we want it. 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 

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4 thoughts on “The stigma of women in business 

  1. I’ve never really been in a position to have to give this much thought before but reading your post has really brought it to light. It’s sad that in this day and age we struggle to be heard. #bestandworst


  2. Sad that you have to be hated to be talked about eh? It’s a shame in this day and age all the inequality Good for you raising more awareness of this. It must be hard but I’m sure you will nail it. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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