Staying positive in a negative world…

This week something awful happened. I woke up, and got to the gym for 6am that morning. 

I was flicking through instagram in the car while waiting for it to open and saw something about Manchester. The doors opened so I turned it off and ran inside. 

Once on the treadmill I logged on to GMB and was met with the news headline! 

 I felt physically sick. Having a child now, it hit me harder and felt a lot more personal. I couldn’t begin to imagine what those parents were going through and what some of them still are going through. 

We now have to come to terms with bringing our children up in a world that is no longer safe. 

To worry that going out with their friends and having fun could result in such tragedy just doesn’t bear thinking about. 

How do you even begin to understand or explain to your child why you are uncertain about them going to a concert to see their favourite pop star or band? 

It makes me sad that we even have to explain such horror and evil to our children. 

We have to stay strong and positive. To not let the new ‘critical’ terror level terrify us even more. They won’t win. 

With Bank Holiday coming up, I want to spend it with my family and my little monkey. We are going to have a BBQ, go for walks and do as much as we can together.

The world can be cruel. It can be unkind. And life….can be too short. 

So let’s show our children the good things in this world. Let’s go on holidays, meet new people, do new things. 

We must all stand together and be strong for our children. They are the future and they don’t deserve any of this. 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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