Time to tackle the cot to bed transition 

I’ve talked about this for a while and I guess we have been so lucky that monkey hasn’t tried to jump out of his cot.

To get to a position that he is 3 in August and is still in a cot, I know he needs to be in a bed. Especially since he will be potty training soon too. 

Now things have settled with my job the time has come to turn our attention to the cot to bed transition. 

So….after a mornings research, this week I will be purchasing a Gro To Bed Duvet set to help with the move. 

All we have to do is take the sides off so we don’t need to buy a new bed at the moment. However I’m conscious that he may very well fall out a good few hundred times a night as he is quite a wriggler. 

The Duvet Set is cleverly like a gro bag that works with some sort of elastic gripping mechanism. So we can tuck him in, and the duvet won’t fall off the bed meaning he hopefully won’t be able to fall out easily either. 

We have started talking about becoming a big boy and being in a bed like mummy and daddy. I’m hoping that getting him excited about it will mean the first few nights will be full of him being proud he is a big boy in a big bed. 

Then by the time he gets used to it, he wouldn’t have known any difference. 

I’ve heard some horror stories about the toddler transition but also a lot of positive stories about it too. 

I’m going in with an open mind. It might be rocky, there might be a few later nights putting him to bed and certainly some early mornings once he discovers how to get out his duvet.

It’s all part of the fun! 

So I’d love to hear your experiences and any tips that worked…and definitely things that didn’t work? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


Best of Worst

3 thoughts on “Time to tackle the cot to bed transition 

  1. Good luck with the transition! I didn’t find it too bad – my youngest was probably worse as she just wanted to go get in bed with her sister so she was pleased she could get out of bed in the middle of the night! She did fall out a few times but luckily cot beds are quite low to the ground. #Twinklytuesday

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  2. We have just gone through this wit Little Man, he was two in January. Once the sides were off though, he decided it was easy to escape and get into bed with us. He hasn’t fallen out yet, though. The good thing with the cot bed is that you can use the lower settings so that if they do fall it’s a very short trip to the carpet. Nice post.

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  3. My eldest moved out of her cot so her sister could go in it at an early age. She sometimes rolls off but the bed is virtually on the floor so it’s not been an issue. I did consider Gro to Bed but we didn’t get them in the end. #bestandworst

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