Why I’m supporting mental health awareness week

I found out it was Mental Health Awareness Week this week and I want to support it and share my experiences. 

Mental health is something that can be hidden by so many people. It shows itself in so many different ways and is so easy for people to hide and to suffer alone. 

I’ve suffered episodes of depression since I was 16. I am a sufferer of anxiety and still have days that I find hard to get out of bed. 

I’ve had 12 sessions of counselling. And more recently, a block of cognitive behavioural therapy which was only just over a year ago. 

I can’t say it gets any easier, because it doesn’t. It doesn’t even really go away. 

All these coping strategies we get taught are just that…how to cope when situations arise that may bring on certain feelings and anxiety. 

Yes I could have taken tablets to maybe steady my moods and make me cope a bit better but I didn’t want to. I want to try and stabilise myself on my own. 

Life is full of ups and down. People deal with things in a million different ways. 

I admit I am one of those that do struggle to deal with my emotions and feelings. I do need a bit of extra help. 

But I finally have the courage to be open about it. When I’m having a bad day il tell hubby and he will help me through it. Having that one person who you can rely on can make the difference between suffering alone and sharing your pain. 

They can’t do anything about it but they can be there to listen to your little worries. Or to leave you alone with your own thoughts for a while. 

It would be nice one day to not have to get anxious about where I am going to park. To not worry about the future, or being successful at my job. To eat a chocolate bar and not feel like I have to go to the gym. 

But then I wouldn’t be me. We wouldn’t be us. 

Everyone is different. So that’s why I am supporting Mental Health Awareness Week.  

To say that all the sufferers are not alone. Not really. Even if you just tell one person, that one person can make all the difference. 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 

Best of Worst

One thought on “Why I’m supporting mental health awareness week

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with #coolmumclub lovely. I think it’s so important to share so that others who have or are struggling don’t feel alone. Such an important thing to support because it touches so many of us in different ways. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

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