A happy Easter Weekend 

So it has taken me ages to be able to get writing again after a very busy couple of weeks with a new job. 

I haven’t even written about my amazing Easter weekend with friends and family. 

We were so busy and it was the first time in a few years that we hadn’t been down to Cornwall for the bank holiday either. It was just hubby, monkey and me at home. 

Although my mum also came up for a Saturday and stayed the night too, which was lovely. 

We went to see Boss Baby at our local cinema mainly because I wanted to, rather than I thought the monkey would enjoy it. He did sit through the whole thing though and we definitely ate too many sweets, plus popcorn and then some easter chocolate we smuggled into my bag too. 

I wanted to take monkey to Wheelgate Family Theme Park as they had an electronic dinosaur there for a few days. As monkey loves dinosaurs it was hilarious when he saw the t-Rex; he didn’t know how to react seeing it up close. 

We also went swimming and then I had planned a couple of play dates too. Soft play on Easter Sunday actually wasn’t that busy and monkey loved playing and going down the huge slide on his own! 

I then took him to our local country park, Rufford Abbey to meet a friend from his nursery. It was so fun and lovely to be out and about doing more things with monkey and some of his friends. 

Knowing I was starting my job on the Tuesday made the easter weekend that bit more special for us as a family. 

So apologies for the late post about easter! 

I still have a couple of creme eggs left in my fridge to eat but other than that, all our chocolate has now been eaten! 

How are you getting on with your chocolate collection from easter weekend? 

Busy Working Mummy XOXO 


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