Ready, set, sleep – How do you get your toddler to bed?

Now that the nights are lighter, they feel longer. For most people, the lighter nights are brilliant.

Finishing work and heading to the beer garden for a glass of wine after work or going for a run when you get home and still having the rest of the evening to sit in the garden and have dinner.

For us parents that have toddlers…well those lighter nights are some what challenging.

How do you explain to a toddler that it is light outside, but it is still bed time?


It is difficult anyway getting toddlers to settle down before bedtime, so throw summer evenings in with it and what chance do we have?

Wayfair contacted experienced parents and professionals…and bloggers like me to ask for our tips on how to get toddlers to bed.

Click here to see our tips and ideas on how to get toddlers to bed.

At the moment, monkey is still in a toddler gro-bag, as he isn’t potty trained yet. So even if he could get out of bed he wouldn’t get very far.

This is something that I know we will have to deal with soon. But why change something that is working at the moment?

Wayfair have some incredible toddler beds to choose from to help them get excited about getting in to their beds.

My absolute favourite is the JCB Digger Junior Car Bed. This is definitely on my list to buy as a treat for when he is potty trained and ready for a big boy bed.


So, as we continue to fight the bedtime battles with our toddlers, what are your top tips for getting them to bed?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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