Happy Easter!

Most of you will have already had nearly 2 weeks off with your children for the Easter holidays by now.

As monkey is still not old enough to be at school we get away with not having to find childcare and take time off around Easter. He just goes to nursery like normal.

But we now have 4 days off to spend as a family. We have lots planned so I hope the weather isn’t too bad.

We have a couple of play dates scheduled to keep us busy. I am also planning on cooking up some new recipes for dinner while I have the time to play around in the kitchen.

I do love Easter. A long weekend, and the chance to eat egg shaped chocolate which always tastes better than normal shaped bars.

4 days off at home can get a little boring though. That is why we have some great plans in place to keep us and monkey busy.

We are lucky to live close by to so many country parks, a family theme park and a farm so there is so much to do. Although it can get a little expensive if we try and do too much.

I also want to take monkey to watch Boss Baby at the cinema…because I want to see it really.

I know this might be the last 4 days I have off until our holiday in September so I am going to make the most of it and cram as much fun in as we can.

Hoping to keep the toddler tantrums to a minimum, I will go out praying that he is relatively well behaved. That we don’t end up somewhere and he turns in to the incredible hulk throwing things around.

So this Easter, I will be eating chocolate eggs and drinking wine…then going to the gym because I feel guilty about it.

As well as lots of trips and play dates which I cant wait for.

4 days of being Mum….maybe I will be begging to go to work on Tuesday morning!

So Happy Easter everyone. What have you all got planned?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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