Bear with me while order is restored…

So that’s it. My last weekend before I start my new job.

So many things go through my head on a daily basis being a full time working mum. I have to have so many balls in the air, juggling them constantly, not letting any of them drop.

The decision I made to change jobs was a tough one. Why would I choose to leave a job that was 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday with minimal weekend and out of hours work required?

The job I could do. I was good at it, and I got results.


Why change? I was only on a years contract which was due to end in November. I started looking not long ago, and its funny how things happen as I landed myself such an exciting opportunity relatively quickly.

The opportunity however would see me working longer hours, and a lot of weekends at busy periods like the summer months. Why would I have decided to move to a job like that when I also have  2 year old to look after?

The answer? That is me. I always strive to be better, to try new things and to push forward in all aspects of my life.

Hubby and I discussed the pros and cons. He would need to pick up monkey from nursery 2 times a week ideally so I could work late those 2 days.

Everything we have discussed and loosely put in place might change depending on what happens when I get in there on Tuesday.

It will be trial and error for a while anyway until balance and order is restored.

We have done it before. Only 6 months ago, we went through it when I started a new role after being at my previous employer for 7 years.

So we can do it again. I hope that this time, it will be for a lot longer and I can build my career while little man starts the next step of his development and goes to school next September.

I am excited for me and excited for the opportunities it will be provide my family in the future.

So things on my blog might be a bit slow over the next few weeks as I find that new balance and routine…but bear with me. Order will be restored in due course.

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



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