There is no one to rely on…

Last weekend we had hubby’s brother and wife come to stay for a few days from Cornwall. Everyone had a nice weekend spending time with little monkey, and they left at lunch time on Sunday.

Little monkey was so upset when they left. The thing that we have come to realise is, it must be so difficult for him as he doesn’t understand they live so far away.

We can’t just pop in for the afternoon or they cant come and take him out for a few hours one morning to go swimming…

It is all or nothing. It is either 2-3 full days of having loads of family around, or nothing apart from mummy and daddy time.

Being a toddler, having so much fun with other people and then them disappearing off is difficult to understand. It is also difficult to explain.

I have always been honest in my blogs, and I will be honest now. Life is hard work when you have no support network.

No one to call and help if monkey is poorly and needs picking up. We cannot just call Nanny and Grandad to pop in and collect him until we leave work to bring him home.

It is hubby and I…that’s it. There is no one to rely on.

We talked on Sunday afternoon about what life would be like if we did have that network available to us. If we could just pop to Nanny and Grandad’s for a cup of tea one Saturday afternoon; hubby could take him to watch my Dad referee on a Sunday morning and my Mum and I could go shopping in town or for some lunch.

We have been structured for so long now. It is the only thing we know how to do.

Family probably leave our house thinking that we are incredibly stringent and set in our ways. Unfortunately if you live a week in our shoes, you will understand.

We juggle everything every day and there are times I reach breaking point with it all.

I don’t think twice about taking half day off to go to the gym and catch up on reality TV. Maybe I should be picking monkey up and spending the time with him, as we only have 2 days a week with him as it is.

We do what we need to do for down time, whatever that may be. It has to work for us. There is not one day that goes by that my brain isn’t working in overdrive trying to stay 10 steps ahead.

So yes, we have no support network. But we have never known any different. Sometimes I get jealous when I see parents being able to drop their children to their own parents or brothers and sisters house. Giving parents an opportunity to clean the house for a couple of hours or have a coffee in town.

Our weeks are so structured because they have to be. Things have to get done in the 3 hours of getting home from work and being in bed by 9pm every night. Weekends are for catching up on all the washing, ironing and cleaning the house, as well as swimming lessons and football practise.

For now? Well, we make it work. Could we do it for another few years? Probably not.

But, that’s why for now, we are officially the three musketeers.

Do you have a good support network or do you have to go it alone like us?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


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