Parenting in survival mode!

Working in the city centre at the moment, I see families, or parents taking their children to the cinema or out for lunch and it melts my heart a little.

Knowing my little boy is at nursery all day and someone else is looking after him. It is the price I pay to work full time and it hurts every time I see a small child out with their parents.

Those 2 precious days off a week mean everything to us as a family and they are so important.

However, I am beginning to realise that parenting our child isn’t a fairy tale. It isn’t a nice calm trip to the cinema and sharing a bag of popcorn, or a lunch date where you talk and laugh over a sandwich and plate of chips. We are currently parenting in survival mode.

It is hard work. I see these families all smiley and happy, and then I stop and think – what would this look like if I were to take little monkey to the cinema?

Let me tell you…

I would be trying to pay for the tickets, while monkey was running round picking up bags of chocolate from the sides (which are always within perfect reach of toddlers).

Then when I let him choose just one thing, either chocolate, sweets or popcorn, there would be a full meltdown in the foyer in front of all the on lookers in the queue.

Making our way to the cinema screen where other parents sit calmly with their children, we would find our way to our seats. He would proceed to sit for approximately 2 minutes before wandering off. This is due to the 20 minutes of adverts before the film even starts!

This meaning I am running round after him until the film comes on – waiting for something in it to grab his attention long enough for him to sit down and start watching it.

This may sound harsh but this is our family at the moment. Our parenting is no fairy tale. It is bloody hard work every single day.

I try and remember this every time my heart melts from seeing a picture perfect moment from other families out during the week.

Do you get many picture perfect parenting moments, or is your family in survival mode most of the time?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



2 thoughts on “Parenting in survival mode!

  1. Oh, absolutely! Zach is a bit older but right now, we are full on survival mode. Zach does not listen…it is a nightmare! I totally know what you mean about seeing people out though – I remember writing a really emotional post when I’d wandered along the southbank one day in half term in the sunshine and Zach was at nursery. It’s horrible 😦 Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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