Captain McGrew wants you for his crew – REVIEW

Boolino kindly sent us this book for review at the end of January. My little monkey decided that he doesn’t like reading stories at the moment, so last weekend we sat him down on the sofa and gave him this book to read.

He absolutely loved it.

The pictures were so animated and really eye catching. It was the perfect book for him to read and get him back into loving story time again.

Little monkey loves reading at nursery, but has just gone off bed time stories recently. We try to get him to read at different times of the day now, like before bath time or after dinner and he is usually a lot more receptive at this time.

The book is about Captain McGrew wanting a new crew (as you can tell from the title) and it goes through what they will need to do to be picked as part of the crew.

The photos are great and incredibly colourful, and the story is so clear and easy to read.

The words are simple and the book is relatively short too which is always handy for a nice bedtime story.

Monkey followed the story and helped with the words too which was incredibly cute.

Overall this story was brilliant, and the pictures and animations really did make this book even better. It will remain a strong favourite of ours for reading a short story when we need a nice distraction from the iPad and the TV…

Boolino do so many great children’s books for all ages. This is just one of many from their beautiful collections. 

Busy Working Mummy

*This book was kindly sent to me by Boolino for an honest review and as always, all thoughts are my own, and my toddlers


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