What can I do to get our good boy back?

Have you ever been so embarrassed and wanted the ground to swallow you up?

I feel like this every day I walk in to nursery to pick the monkey up after work. He has been so naughty over the last few weeks, with his behaviour verging on ridiculous.

As I stand there having a debrief with his key nursery teacher going through all the incident forms, my breathing gets shallower and I get redder and redder in the face.

After 10,000 apologies on behalf of my son, I bundle him out the door and try to remain composed, calm and collected.

Feeling distraught inside, the feeling is a mixture of embarrassment, shame and…guilt.

Feeling guilty because it should be me disciplining my child when he is naughty. It should be me feeling the brunt of his toddler tantrums; getting covered in cheerio’s as he throws them across the room at breakfast time.

The last few nights it has been a huge topic of conversation at dinner between hubby and I. What can we do to get our good boy back?

We stick together when it comes to disciplining him now. Hubby used to play the good cop and I was always the bad cop.

Now we are both bad cops – he has to learn that his behaviour is unacceptable and his mummy and daddy are not happy with him.

He knows he has been naughty. When we try and talk to him about it, he tries to hug us or runs away to play nicely.

I know it is just a horrible phase he is going through.

It doesn’t make it any easier when nursery are having to deal with it 9 times out of 10 on our behalf.

At weekends, he is fine. Well, not fine, but no where near as naughty as he appears to be at nursery.

Is it our fault? Is he rebelling as we don’t spend enough time with him and he is fighting for attention at nursery?

All these thoughts go round in my head on a daily basis. What can I do to get our good boy back? The boy I am proud of and don’t have to worry about at nursery – the one that plays nicely with other children and behaves appropriately.

I know he isn’t gone. He is just temporarily indisposed. An angel turned devil for the time being.

So as we go through this awful phase of toddler development and the feeling of helplessness and despair, have you ever had to rely heavily on other people getting your child through this stage?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


3 thoughts on “What can I do to get our good boy back?

  1. I can only speak from a teacher point of view at the mo… have you tried the tack of… “catch them being good”? Start with some little things then build up?

    I also downloaded a cool reward app (actually it’s for myself to reward myself for getting in enough exercise)! I only got it yesterday but seems good…
    iRewardChart: Parents Reward Tracker Chore chart by Gotclues, Inc
    I love the sounds it makes as stars are added!!!

    Good luck!

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