Happy Mother’s Day

So as well as Mother’s Day today, we also have the joys of dealing with the clocks springing forward.

To me this is always the best way round as it just means that I wake the little monkey up at normal time still so it avoids messing around with timings for the rest of the day.

Today I am planning on going to the gym when hubby and monkey go to football this morning. Then maybe some cooking and baking, possibly a walk in the woods and a babyccino and cake.

Yes my day is like any normal day. As much as these days are great to get a few little pressies, I am under no illusion that it really is just another normal Sunday.

It just means that we get a day where we feel more valued than other days. Shouldn’t we feel valued every single day?

Being a mum is pretty special. It is the hardest job in the world but definitely the most rewarding.

Working full time and still trying to keep up with all the parents evenings, Red Nose Day and World Book Day events is tough. Keeping on top of the washing, making sure both of us leave the house presentable and clean.

I found myself running to TK Maxx this week to get a t-shirt for monkey to wear on Friday for Red Nose Day and had to make sure that I had some change for him to put in the bucket at nursery.

Motherhood is a constant juggle and a battle of priorities and justification.

I don’t need a day for someone to show me I am appreciated. I want to bring my little boy up so that he appreciates me every day.

Everything we do as Mothers, we do for our children.

Even when I work full time, so I have 9-10 hours away from him a day, I do because I want him to have the best of everything. I want to show him the world.

Stay at home mums might argue the same point.

That point being, it doesn’t matter how we choose to spend our lives bringing up our families, we always put our children first.

So Happy Mothers Day to all us Mums today! Enjoy your day of being spoilt for no reason if you are lucky enough, and if not, well…I will see you all later in the utility sorting out the second load of washing!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*A special shout out to my Mum though who lives 200 miles away from me and has made me the strong willed, independent lady I am today! (Soppiness over)



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