I have some news…

I have some news…and no, I’m not pregnant!

I have a new job. A permanent job, not a 1 year contract. Now, for those that follow my blog know that at the end of last year I made the decision to leave my employer of 7 years and take a contract role for a year.

The role would allow me to concentrate on developing my marketing skills and come out of sales and events. I wouldn’t have to work evenings and weekends, and my hours would be easier for hubby as he wouldn’t need to pick up little man as much from nursery.

It was a huge risk for me, but one of which I am glad I took. It offered me the experience of working in Nottingham City Centre, getting swallowed up by the hustle and bustle of City life and gave me incredible knowledge of a new part of the leisure industry.


However, I always knew there was potential for the role to finish at some point within the contract.

A new and exciting role came up at a sports venue in the Nottingham area allowing me to head back in to sales and events.

With the job however comes again, greater responsibility, longer working hours and weekend and evening working.

Hubby will need to pick little man up from nursery a few times a week and we will need to find a new routine to suit our family.

All of this is okay because it is what I want.

Hubby supports me and is incredibly happy for me to secure this fantastic opportunity. The fact that it is permanent means not needing to have that little part of your mind worrying about the end of the year and the potential of being out of a job.

It may have been that I could have worked part time and reduced my hours. Our circumstances would have allowed me to do this should I have wanted.

But I don’t. This doesn’t make me a bad mother; it just means we have to adjust and move forward as a family in a slightly different way.

Little man will always come first, no matter what.

I have written numerous posts over the last few months about potentially going down to 4 days a week. It might be an option years down the line, but right now?

Right now, I am moving onwards and upwards and I am so excited for a new adventure to start so that it allows for greater opportunities for my family and I.

So this weekend, we are off to the South West to spend some time with my family and to celebrate the news.

Have you ever had to make a tough decision that would affect your families immediate future?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


3 thoughts on “I have some news…

  1. I made the incredibly tough decision not to go back to work after having Little Bear. I used to be the Deputy Manager at a nursery and when it came down to it, it just didn’t sit right that I would be paying someone to look after him whilst I looked after someone else’s child. I worked hard and fast to get into that position within the nursery and now I doubt it’s something I will ever do again. Almost every day I have moments of guilt and wonder what would be different had I made a different choice, but I don’t think this is any different to many other mothers…we all love to feel guilt where there is no need for it!
    And congratulations!

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