The cost of raising a child under 5

Working full time and having to pay for childcare costs is nearly as much as our mortgage payment a month, thanks to the lack of government funding when it comes to children under 3 years old.

However, when little man turns 3 in August we will finally get some help and support with some free hours given to us. This makes such a difference to any working family, but especially to full time working families.

Whitestep had recently undertaken some research to find out if parents knew the average cost of raising a child under 5….

If you really don’t want to know, I would look away now.


£1245.00 is the average monthly cost we spend on our children under 5! (Take a large gulp)

However, 80% of people that they surveyed actually thought that it was an average of just £464.00 a month.

Women were a little closer guessing at £470.00 compared to men who guessed only £320.00.

Whitestep have developed a quiz to help expectant and new parents understand the costs of raising a child under 5, and the implications that it might mean to the household.

It isn’t designed to scare you off. The quiz is fun, but it is incredibly useful and gives you a great understanding of what the costs and factors are really like to bear in mind.

Questions include:

● How many hours of sleep do parents of newborns average per night?
● Which items do parents spend more on over the course of a child’s life?
● What is the average age at which a man becomes a father?

Click here to take the Parent Expectations v Reality quiz now.


Overall I think I did pretty well and got nearly all the questions right…but then my little boy is nearly 3 .

It also gave some interesting answers to a few other questions that I wasn’t expecting.

So are you expecting or already have a newborn? Take the quiz now and check your expectations v reality…

I think you might be surprised!

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

*Thanks to Whitestep who supplied the survey results and quiz


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