February – The Best Bits

Now February has been and gone, I love looking through all the photos of the month and remembering what we have been up to.

February has seen lots of outdoor adventures at our local Country Parks. We are lucky that we are so close to Sherwood Pines, Sherwood Park and Rufford Abbey. They are all ideal for a nice winter walk followed by coffee and a cake to warm up after.

This month we also met up with a friend from my old work and her 2 boys. We visited White Post Farm which was great fun. The boys loved seeing the animals and feeding them, and we were even chased by a huge llama.

There was also a great indoor play area for when we wanted to warm up as it was freezing cold. I cannot wait for the spring to finally arrive so that we can spend more time there and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

My Valentines Day was spent with my brother at a Jack Whitehall show. Having a much younger brother, I have never spent any time with him on my own so it was lovely to take him for dinner and to see one of his favourite comedians. I was the cool sister for once, and not the boring married mum he probably sees me as.

Hubby treated me to a homemade curry and bottle of wine for our Valentines dinner which was lovely. I got banned from the kitchen for once, so ended up drinking half a bottle while I was waiting to be allowed in to the dining room…

So with February now gone, and March finally here, we go in to my favourite season that is Spring.

March is going to be a great month for us as a family with loads of exciting plans and family visits already in the diary.

What has been your February best bits?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


Run Jump Scrap!

6 thoughts on “February – The Best Bits

  1. Looks like a lovely month! I would love to live near the woods it looks so much fun. You did well on valentines what a lovely meal! #twinklytuesday

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