How to plan a stress-free family holiday

So, last month we booked our second ever family holiday for a week in Majorca in September. I have written a few posts about our first family holiday and the challenges and stresses that we faced. We also learnt a lot.

So here are the questions we asked ourselves when we booked our 2017 family holiday:

Who is going to come along?

Decide if you are going in just your small family unit or if extending the invitation out to a set of parents might be an option (they might come in handy for babysitting duty)

If you decide that the parents have made the trip, sit down and discuss what you both want out of the holiday, so you are all on the same page.

There is nothing worse if they are expecting a chilled out, quiet holiday and you want them for babysitting duty and to help with the toddler running around and jumping in the pool.


Where do we fancy going?

Depending on who has made the trip, think about what you all want out of a holiday?

Would a villa holiday be nice for you to have the privacy and flexibility to cook your own meals and have your own pool and space?

An all-inclusive resort with a great kid’s club might be ideal if you want to have some fun as a family, but also would like a few hours on your own to relax in the sun.

What facilities are important to us?

Once you have decided who is coming along and what sort of place you want to stay in, think about what facilities are important.

Would you like a pool in the villa or a nice outdoor area? Do you want it to be located close by to some restaurants and local amenities?

If you prefer a more resort style base, then a large apartment or hotel room might be quite important.

If you have small children who still need putting to bed at a decent time, if you have an apartment with living space, you can enjoy a bottle of wine on the balcony whilst your children are tucked up in bed after dinner.


When shall we go?

Flying with a child is not a fun experience for anyone so try to book flights that aren’t in the middle of the night or at a bad time of day for your children.

Also, if your children get restless and are easily bored, it might be worth looking at a location that is only a few hours’ plane journey away.

I am so excited that we are going away with my parents for a week to Majorca. We are staying in an all-inclusive resort with a large apartment with living area. It has a few different a la carte restaurants and a great kids club and activity centre. My parents are on board with sharing babysitting duty so hubby and I might even get a meal out on our own one night.

So once you have asked yourselves those 4 questions, book your holiday!

Do you have any more hints or tips on how to make planning your holiday stress free?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO

Run Jump Scrap!

3 thoughts on “How to plan a stress-free family holiday

  1. We always go away with my parents and it really helps! We like all inclusive at the mo but may change in future. Flights in the day are always preferred! Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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