Am I too organised?

I love a to do list. There is nothing better in life than sitting down with a cup of tea and writing my to do list.

Whether this be at work in the morning so I can set out my plans, or at the weekend thinking about appointments we need to make, plans we need to schedule in.

They all go on the list.


Personally I cannot operate on an adhoc basis. It isn’t in my make up. I am not designed that way.

Some people call me boring and predictable. I class myself as clever and organised.

I do have a habit of writing things in my work diary and my personal diary in my handbag – but then (sometimes) forget about the calendar at home.

Life is like a revolving door. Things run like clock work due to my lists. But when the clock runs out of battery, things may go a little slow and be slightly disfunctional.

We get home from nursery, little man plays or watches TV with a snack while I prepare dinner, wash the dishes and perhaps put some washing on depending on the day of the week it is.

We then go for a bath, and little man gets ready for bed. Depending on if Daddy is going for a run when he gets home, I will get dinner ready for 7 or 7.30pm.

It is then downstairs for a snack and some milk, a little bit of TV, a story and then bed for 7pm. All with Daddy getting home, changing and heading for a run, and me putting dinner on.

There are 2 nights in the week that I go to the gym so I tag Daddy in to put little man to bed and I head off to the gym or to my Pilates class on a Thursday.

Dinner is done, eaten, washed up and time to collapse on the sofa at 7.30pm.

Is that too organised? Possibly.

Could I go with the flow a bit more and maybe do dinner a bit later one night? Maybe.

But I don’t want to. I don’t need to, as it works for us right now.

So do you have silly habits and structured evenings to make sure that you can collapse on the sofa when your little ones are in bed?

Or do you just sort everything out after bedtime?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO



3 thoughts on “Am I too organised?

  1. We follow the same routine every week (with variations for my working and non-working days). It’s the only way I can do things too. We’re probably a little less structure on dinner time but our evenings still follow a similar flow.

    I also have to list out every thing that needs doing else quite frankly I’d forget. Plus it makes me feel happy to tick them off!

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