The high tech babysitter aka The iPad

So this weekend we had a slight altercation with the iPad. Little man calls it the iPad but he actually has a kindle fire.

His grandparents bought him one for his second birthday, and he is allowed to use it on occasions. He hasn’t used it for ages, until this weekend.

This weekend, he found a game he enjoyed which was a jigsaw puzzle game, and proceeded to sit and play on it for nearly 2 hours.

We put him to bed and vowed to never let him be on a device for that long again.


Sunday morning came and he woke up asking for his iPad. He refused to eat his breakfast and went in to full toddler meltdown mode when I told him no.

We then managed to restrict his time with it so he had half hour before nap time when he was chilling on the sofa and half hour before bed. Again, when he was getting tired and needed some quiet time.

The addiction of small portable devices is ridiculous with small children. No wonder it is easier to avoid any contact with these things at all.

Now I was always completely against using them to entertain little man and said I would never let him watch much TV etc…well if I only I knew?

If only I could tell my pre child self that I knew nothing. Nothing about having a child and how precious just half an hour of him sat on the sofa watching a film at the weekend could be.

So yes I used to see the TV and the ‘iPad’ as a high tech babysitter. Now I see it as a little sprinkle of fairy dust. An opportunity to have a hot cup of tea and to catch up on social media with a chocolate bar without hiding behind the kitchen cupboard.

But playing games on them is better than watching TV all the time isn’t it? Or are they both the same? Is it equally as bad?

Busy Working Mummy XOXO


Run Jump Scrap!

8 thoughts on “The high tech babysitter aka The iPad

  1. Great Blog … I had to comment, I have 3 children and went through the same dilemmas with all 3, especially the younger 2 as by then the eldest had a tablet and so they younger naturally wanted it. I think its everything in moderation but I can say the positives are that my eldest son now 12 can actually create games, complete school work and do things with IT that I have never even heard of and as computers / tablets youtube and gaming etc are a huge part of our lives I think we do have to accept that they are part of education as well as pleasure and the key is actually making them understand staying safe on-line and that other things can also be fun like swimming, bike riding etc and actually talking to other people rather than texts / emails … Good Luck ! I am sure though I would have been stumped without technology when my children were younger and I was ill for a day or something … it has saved me a few times and equally caused me many battles 🙂

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  2. Oh dear another guilty Mummy here. My little boy loves to watch Peppa pig on our iPad and sometimes I backdown and let him for a little bit of quiet time when I need to do something. I do restrict his use of the iPad though as I would rather he play with toys instead.

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  3. When I worked in a school, I looked down on a parent who let her child play on a tablet/phone. Now I realise it is essential both for the child and the parent! Technology isn’t going to go backwards so children need to learn early so they don’t get left behind. Also there are times when you just need to clean or do housework 😦 #BestandWorst

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  4. I’m reading this hun with the eldest watching the Hungry Caterpillar and my baby girl is in the jumparoo transfixed with the telly too! I’d never blog or get two mins peace. You enjoy it and don’t worry 🙂 thanks for sharing wth #bestandworst x

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  5. This is their future. By the time these kids get to school there won’t be books or pads and paper, everything will be done on tablets. The key is to teach them that it is just another tool or toy and not the centerpiece of their lives IMO. #twinklytuesday

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